Our Order Dashboard is a central view of all orders received across integrated stores and fulfillment metrics & performance. The time period is based on the date filter set on the top right hand corner which refers to the created date of orders.

The Order Status are the milestones that each order go through from the time that the fulfillment center receives the order until the order is completed, cancelled, or returned.

Each Order Status here can be clicked on to bring up all orders in that status for for the time period filtered on the Manage Orders Page.

Orders aging gives you an overview of orders still to be fulfillment (before ready for dispatch status) and split into age buckets so you can see how we are progressing with your order volume.

Fulfillment Status gives you an overview of orders by date on a daily, monthly or yearly view and their current status. This allows you to see the order volumes and what percentage of orders are yet to be fulfilled, delivered, cancelled etc.

We provide the performance SLA for orders on a daily view either aggregated or split by integrated store ensuring you have full transparency on our fulfillment SLAs.

If you have any questions, please get in touch with our support team here.