When we sync orders from your integrated stores, every order goes through a series of checks to ensure that we can service the order.


What does the ON_HOLD warehouse status mean?

When an order goes into an ON_HOLD status, one or more order checks have failed and need your action to resolve before the order can be fulfilled and/or shipped. This includes scenarios such as incomplete or incorrect shipping address, orders for products not stocked in our fulfillment center or missing customs information for international orders.

How to check the reason for an ON HOLD order

Under the Warehouse Status column, you will see a yellow exclamation point next to the ON_HOLD status.

Hover your cursor or tap on the exclamation point to reveal the validation that failed

ON_HOLD reasons and next steps to resolve

Below are a list of checks our platform performs on every order and action to take to resolve when a check fails. The description in the popup will provide additional details e.g. if a product is out of stock, it will specify the SKU of the product that is OOS.

Check TypeWhat to do if the check failed
Payment StatusThe payment for this order is not recognised as completed or Cash On Delivery.

Check the payment status on the integrated store. If payment was successful/COD, then manually sync the order on the Locad Control Tower. If after syncing the order remains ON_HOLD, please raise a ticket with our support team.
Catalogue Product MappedThe order contains products that either do not exist in our Inventory Products page or the product on the Catalogue listing does not have an Inventory SKU mapped to it.

Search the affected products on the Catalogue Products page and if there is no inventory SKU listed, follow the SKU mapping process and then manually sync the order on the Locad Control Tower.
Order Waiting Period

A delay in syncing and fulfilling orders has been configured on your account meaning orders will not be sent to our fulfillment center until after the delay period has passed.

After this period, the order will automatically move from ON_HOLD to RELEASED for our team to start fulfilling.

Marketplace Order on holdThe order has be placed ON_HOLD on the integrated store it was synced from.

If the order is ready to be fulfilled, go to the order page on the integrated store and remove the ON_HOLD status. The order will move to RELEASED status shortly afterwards on the Locad Control Tower.
Warehouse AvailabilityThe order cannot be fulfilled due to either:
  • A fulfilment center has not been configured
  • Products ordered are not mapped to Inventory in our fulfillment center
  • Products ordered are out of stock

If the fulfillment center has not been configured under the Warehouse Integrations, please reach out to our support team.

If the order contains products that are not mapped, please review that the product has been created on our inventory page and that stock is available. if necessary, manually map the Inventory SKU to the Catalogue Product

If you do not have stock of the product in our fulfillment center, we recommend shipping additional stock to us as soon as possible to avoid order cancellations. You can follow this guide for creating and inbound request.

Billing Rates ValidationYour billing rates have not been configured on your account, please reach out to our support team to resolve this.
Pickup AddressThe carrier assigned to ship this order does not recognise the pickup address.

If your order is being fulfilled by Locad, please reach out to our support team to check your pickup address configuration.

If you are fulling the order yourself and using Locads Shipping engine to ship your orders, check that the pickup location is correct and serviceable by that carrier.
HS Codes AvailabilityThe products ordered do not contain HS codes which is a required by customs for to process a shipment received from another country.

Go to the product page of your online store and update the HS Code for the affected SKUs. Once all SKUs are updated on the store, on the Locad Control Tower, go to Marketplace Integrations and click on Details under the store you updated the HS codes. Click on the Circular arrow next to Product Sync Status. 
This will sync any changes to product listings from your integrated stores to the Locad Control Tower. After approximately 10 minutes, you can go back to the order detail page and if the order is still showing as ON_HOLD, click the Sync button and the order should be released. 

You can check out these guides for help on adding HS codes to products on WooCommerce and Shopify stores.
Carrier Order AddressThe shipping address for this order is not recognised as a valid delivery address or is missing information such as city or zip code.

Go to the Order details page of the order and review the Shipping address. If the address is incorrect, update the shipping address on the order page of your integrated store and then manually sync the order on the Locad Control Tower.

We recommend using the government postal websites such as SingPost, AusPost and PhilPost to identify the correct suburb/city/post codes as websites such as Google Maps are not 100% accurate.

If any of the System Detected address information not filled out, please reach out to our support team to look into.
Carrier CoverageThe order can not be delivered by any of the assigned carriers due to the following:

Pickup Location Coverage

The carrier has not approved pickups at this location. If you are using our Shipping only engine, make sure that your carriers are approved under the pickup location page.

Order Serviceable

These are carrier specific restrictions that are not covered by any of the other reasons such as Order value limits for COD or international deliveries, address format checks etc.

Supports Battery

The products ordered contain batteries which cannot be delivered by the available carriers. The order will need to be cancelled or the order will need to be shipped with another carrier that can handle this type of product.

COD Supported for Brand

The payment method for this order is marked as Cash on Delivery, however, this has not been enabled for your account. Please reach out to our support team with your bank details for remittance of COD payments to enable Cash on Delivery shipments.

Dimension Supported

The dimensions of this order are not supported by the available carriers selected. This can occur if your product is too heavy or bulky is size to be delivered by the available carriers.

If you believe the dimensions are incorrect, please review the dimensions of each SKU on the inventory product page to ensure they are accurate. If they are incorrect, please update the dimensions following the update sku process and then manually sync the order.

Last Mile Coverage

The address is not part of the coverage area the available carriers can deliver to. We recommend checking the address to ensure it is the correct format. If the address is correct, then you will need to enable another carrier that supports delivery to this address. Our support team can help you check the coverage with other carriers.

How to sync an ON_HOLD order manually

If you need to can manually sync the order to release it after taking action on your integrated store:

  1. Go to Manage Orders on the Locad Control Tower
  2. Search the order number and click on the Order number to view the order detail
  3. Click on the Sync icon in the top right corner.
  4. The status should update to RELEASED is successful. If the status does not update straight away, wait up to 5 minutes and refresh the order detail page.

If you need any help with resolving ON_HOLD orders, our support team is here to assist.