When you create new product listing on your integrated store, these are automatically synced to the Locad Control Tower daily at 3am Singapore Time. If our platform does not find a matching SKU in your Inventory products then our platform will not sync any inventory counts and orders received for this item will not be fulfilled.


How to check if a Catalogue product is mapped

  1. Go to Products > Catalogue products and then search for the SKU. 
  2. If the Inventory SKU is blank with a yellow icon, this means the product listing is not mapped to inventory in our fulfillment center.
  3. You can view all of your unmapped SKUs by selecting the Unmapped filter at the top of the listings page.

How to manually map a product in your catalogue to the product in your inventory

Only users with the role Brand_Admin can edit catalogue product listings on the Locad Control Tower.
  1. Go to Products > Catalogue products and then search for the SKU.
  2. Click on the blue SKU code under the Catalogue SKU column to bring up the Product detail page.
  3. Scroll down and under the Mapped Inventory SKUs tab, click on the Edit icon.
  4. Click Add, enter the SKU code of the item in the inventory page and make sure to select it from the drop down that appears beneath, change the quantity to one and click Save.
  5. After you see a message advising that the product was saved successfully, click on Sync at the top right of the product detail page. This will now sync the inventory on hand at our fulfillment center to your store.
  6. You will now see the Inventory SKU populated on the Catalogue Product page. If you see an exclamation point, this means that the Catalogue SKU (from your integrated SKU) does not match the Inventory SKU (the physical stock in our fulfillment center).
If you map a catalogue product incorrectly, Locad is not responsible for any orders that are fulfilled with incorrect products as our fulfillment team pick and pack orders based on the mapped inventory SKUs.

If you need any help with mapping your products, please get in touch with our support team here.