With the Locad Control Tower, you can set up Virtual bundles for your products instead of physical bundles saving you time, bundling costs and keeping your inventory . 


What is a Virtual Bundle?

A virtual bundle allows you to create a single product listing (SKU) on your integrated store which is linked to multiple units or products. This means when we receive an order for the for the virtual bundle, our team will pick the items required for the bundle.

For example you have 50 units of Shampoo and 50 units of Conditioner in stock and you want to offer a bundle to your customers where they order 1 x Hair Care pack and would receive 1 unit of Shampoo and 1 unit of Conditioner.

You create the Hair Care pack SKU on your store and setup the virtual bundle is on the Locad Control Tower. When we receive an order for 1 x Hair Care pack, our team would pick 1 x Shampoo and 1 x Conditioner. This allows you to continue to sell either Shampoo or Conditioner as single products or part of a bundle. Unlike physical bundles where stock cannot be broken down into singles without additional costs and effort, your virtual bundles will sync automatically based on the SKU with the lowest inventory available to ensure you don't sell more bundles then we can fulfil.

Outbound orders will be charged based on the number of items picked and the relevant costs based on your rate card. If we receive an order for 1 virtual bundle that contains 4 items, your outbound costs will be based on the 4 items fulfilled.

How to set up a Virtual Bundle

Only users with the role Brand_Admin can edit catalogue product listings on the Locad Control Tower

  1. Create your virtual bundle as a product listing on your integrated store and make sure it is active.
  2. Go to the Locad Control Tower > Settings > Marketplace Integrations.
  3. On the Configured Integrations tab, click on the Details button of the store containing the virtual bundle.
  4. Click on the circular arrow on the right next to Product Sync Status
  5. Go to Products > Catalogue products and then search for the SKU. If it does not show up straight away, please allow up to 15 minutes as it may take time for your new SKU to sync across. Our platform will automatically sync all new product listings at 3am daily so if you do not need to set up the bundle immediately, we recommend you wait until the following morning.
  6. Click on the blue SKU code under the Catalogue SKU column to bring up the Product detail page.
  7. Under the Mapped Inventory SKUs tab, click on the Edit icon.
  8. Click Add for each product to be mapped to the bundle and a line will appear underneath e.g. if the bundle contains 2 different SKUs then add 2 lines. You can click on the Trashcan icon to remove a line.
  9. Enter the SKU code of the item from the Inventory Products page of the Control Tower and select the code from the list that appears beneath. Enter the quantity required under the No. of Unit column. If a SKU does not appear, double check you are using the correct SKU code from our Inventory Products page.
  10. Once you have added the SKUs and quantity for all products required for this bundle, click Save. 
  11. After you see a message advising that the product was saved successfully, click on Sync at the top right of the product detail page. This will now sync the inventory on hand at our fulfillment center to your store.

You will see above that the Bundle detail will now say Yes and on the Catalogue products page there will be a bundle tag beneath the Catalogue SKU of this bundle.

You can also use virtual bundles for multiple units of a single product, just follow the process above and enter in the desired quantity.

We recommend that once a virtual bundle has been setup and synced that you do not change the SKUs or quantities mapped to ensure orders are fulfilled with the correct items. You should always create a new bundle SKU.

If you map a virtual bundle incorrectly, Locad is not responsible for any orders that are fulfilled with incorrect products as our fulfillment team pick and pack orders based on the mapped inventory SKUs.

If you need any help with setting up virtual bundles, please get in touch with our support team here.