You can create a B2B Order on the Locad Control Tower allowing you the lodge these without getting in touch with our team. This is to be used when you have large orders to be delivered to retail or offline distribution channels.

To create a B2B order:

  • Click on B2B/Distribution > Create a B2B Order from the left navigation menu.
  • Choose the fulfillment center from where you want to pack the inventory for the B2B order.
    • Search for the inventory SKUs from the Search Bar (you may search with SKU code or SKU name).
    • Add specific pack instructions against each selected SKU and upload documents (such as Pack or Shipping Labels) for each SKU, so that the FC can pack the order in the way it needs to be outbounded for the B2B/Distribution channel.

Packing Label documents and instructions are optional, however, for destinations such as Amazon where this is a requirement, please ensure to upload.
  • Add in the destination details for the B2B order.
    • You can choose an existing address from your address book (if they previously saved an address), or add a new address by clicking on the plus button next to the Destination address field.
    • Add the receiver Details (Name and Phone Number).
      • When adding a new Destination address, you need to choose a Destination Channel and Address Title.
  • Choose your shipping mode and Pick-up/Delivery Dates for the B2B Order.
    • You can choose Delivery by Locad of Self-Ship for the shipping method. 
      • For Self-Ship, you need to provide a Carrier POC, Carrier Contact Number and Pick-up Time Slot for the fulfillment center to do pick-up coordination.
      • For Delivery by LOCAD, please choose Delivery Date and Delivery Time Slot for the fulfillment center to book a manual carrier (Transportify, FK Trucking, Lalamove).
  • Review your B2B Order and ensure all details are correct.
    • If any of the sections need any edits, you can click on the “Edit” button in the respective section. This will take you back to the step and allow you to modify details and continue on.
  • Once the details are reviewed, click on “Confirm Order” on the bottom right corner to confirm the B2B order.

After a B2B order is created and confirmed, you will be automatically redirected to the B2B/Pullout Tracking page.

Here, you can view all your B2B Orders. Orders are in “Draft” status - when they are created, but not confirmed or submitted. Confirmed orders show as “ASN Pending” status.

The fulfillment of B2B Orders are dependant on the capacity of our fulfillment partners. During peak periods such as double digit campaigns, there may be delays in completing these orders so please schedule ahead as much as possible.

If you need any further support, please get in touch with the team here.