Our Report module enables you to seamlessly get order and inventory information for daily analytics / reporting use cases.


Report Types

The following report types are available through our reporting module:

  • Inventory Report
    • The inventory report provides you with essential metrics of your Inventory SKUs such as current quantity, buffer quantity, dimensions, weight, and cubic meters (CBM) occupied at the time of generating the report. This will help you effectively manage your inventory, optimize storage space, plan shipments, and make informed decisions about stock replenishments.
  • Outbound B2C - Full Details
    • The outbound report provides you with a detailed list of order details including order, item, fulfillment, catalogue and inventory information. The records are on an Inventory SKU level and you can pull a report for a single period of up to 90 days at a time.
  • Product Statement Report
    • The product report provides you with historical stock movement of your Inventory SKUs including the related transaction reference number for inbound shipments, outbound orders etc. You can filter the transaction types as well e.g. only show replenishments for a select SKU (currently this report is available for selected warehouses only).
  • Inventory Expiry and Batch Management Report
    • The expiry and batch management report gives you a view the Expiry Date or Batch Number of your products so you can monitor stock levels across these parameters and take necessary actions on your stock. You must have enabled expiry and/or batch management on your products with Locad for this data to be available.

How to generate a report

  1. Click on Report > New Report, then Select the type of report to generate.
  2. Add in the data filters needed for your report. This will help you drill down to the right level of information. Each report type will show only the available filters you can apply for that
  3. Click Generate Report button, this will bring you to the Generated reports page. 
  4. Once the status has updated from IN_PROGRESS to COMPLETED, you can click on the download icon on the left side next to the report.

You will only be able to view reports that you have generated under your login. You cannot view reports other users have requested under the same account.

If you need any further support or receive an error using the Reports module, please reach out to our support team here.