Providing an accurate order forecast is paramount for ensuring Locad has allocated the necessary manpower to support the fulfillment of your orders. Such info was shared via email to your dedicated Customer Success manager monthly. However, we realized that it is an inefficient process for both you and Locad. Hence, we have setup a module that allows you to update your order forecast real-time.


To access the forecast page:

  1. Login to Locad Portal
  2. Go to Orders > Manage Forecast via the left navigation bar

You can select the dates on the calendar to view the forecast and actual order volume. The section on the right will display the details:

  • Forecast - It displays the order and item volume expected for the respective warehouse(s).
  • Actual - It displays the number of orders and order items received for the selected day.
  • Variance - It calculates the variance between actual and forecast volume. Variance = (Actual - Forecast) / Forecast

Depending on the variance, the font color will differ:

Grey - Forecast was not updated yet.

Purple - Forecast was updated. (See here on how to update the forecast of specific dates)

Green - Actual order volume is within 20% variance of the forecast

Orange - Actual order volume is below 20% variance of the forecast

Red - Actual order volume is above 20% variance of the forecast

Updating your forecast

You can update the forecast via the calendar or File Upload.

Via the calendar:

  1. Click on the date that you want to change the forecast.
  2. Click the pencil icon and modify the order and item forecast volume.
  3. Click tick icon to apply the change.

Via File Upload:

  1. Click the Upload button on the top right corner.
  2. Select "New Forecast".
  3. Download the template. Input your forecast value in the excel file and save.
  4. Select the warehouse and drop the updated excel file on the popup.
  5. Click "Upload".
  6. Click the Upload button on the top right corner and select "Uploaded Files" to check the status of the upload. 

You can only update the order forecast at least 7 days in advance. For example, on June 1 you will only be able to update the forecast for June 8 onwards. This is to ensure we have sufficient notice to provide the necessary manpower in our fulfillment centers to meet our Outbound SLAs.

Should you have last minute changes to your forecast within the next 7 days, please reach out to our support team here.