Here is a list of common terms and definitions from the Locad dashboard.

Catalogue SKUThe SKU of the active product listing from your integrated online store.
Inventory SKUThe SKU of the physical product in the Locad warehouse.
Warehouse stockThe total stock of the SKU in the Locad warehouse
Buffer stockThe physical stock at the warehouse that is not part of the Sellable or Reserved stock. It is kept aside as a buffer in case of exchanges, promotions, or any other purpose you would require.

You can set the following per SKU:
  • % of warehouse stock available 
  • Minimum units of buffer stock

Note: If you set both a percentage of stock and the number of units, our platform will use whichever has a larger value.

Reserve stock

The stock that is reserved for orders in an ONHOLD, PARTIAL and UNPAID status on the Locad dashboard.
Sellable stockThe stock that is available to sell in your online stores.
Sellable Stock = Warehouse Stock - Reserved Stock - Buffer Stock

Marketplace stock

The stock that is available on the product listing from your online stores.
Promotional stockThe stock that your online store reserves for a promotional activity such as a flash sale or campaign (on marketplaces such as Shopee and Lazada). This does not reserve any stock at the Locad warehouse so you should ensure you have sufficient stock on hand for campaigns and sales.
Stock Cover (Days)Amount of time the current stock will last given the current rate of sales based on the days selected.

Stock Cover (14 days) = (Current stock) / (Number of items sold in the last 14 days) * 14