The naming convention to be used should follow this format: Inbound Type - Type of VAS (if applicable) - Brand NameDDMMYYYY  where in date indicated is the delivery date to the warehouse

Below are the list of prefixes per Inbound Type to be used in your ASN (Advance Shipping Notice) Consignment Number (one of the following will ALWAYS be the starting prefix):

  • NI - New Inbound
  • RI# - Rescheduled Inbound # (# to increase per number of reschedules)

           e.g. for 1st reschedule, RI1-BrandName21022022; increase to RI2-BrandName24022022, RI3-BrandName26022022, etc. per reschedule of the same ASN. This is key so we cancel the correct ASNs on our end. 

Ideally, we upload ASNs when the delivery date is FINAL to avoid cancellations and mixing up our warehouse schedule.

Please note: last minute changes (advised on the same day of scheduled delivery) OR changes due to customs clearance delays will NOT require a new ASN to be uploaded. Kindly just advise us through the help widget on the LOCAD dashboard.

Note: Editing ASNs with additional or less SKUs are considered as reschedules and will follow this rule.

  • EI - Excess Inbound (for SKUs/QTYs to be inbounded as excess from an NI or RI)

         e.g. SKU002 was not indicated on the ASN but was delivered to the warehouse under ASN No. NI-BrandName09012022, please upload new ASN for this SKU under "EI-BrandName09012022"

  • ST - Stock Transfer (for transfer request of an existing SKU that's already on hand at the

warehouse to a new SKU code)

Please take note of the following prefixes for VAS (Value Added Service) Type, if there’s any:

  • BCD - Barcoding
  • BND - Bundling
  • VAS - any other VAS Request (non-bcd/non-bnd)

Please separate each prefix with a hyphen and follow with "-BrandNameDDMMYYYY". Date here

is the delivery date to the warehouse. Below are sample use cases:

  • For a new inbound request with bundling AND other VAS request for March 1, ASN Consignment No. would be: NI-BND-VAS-BrandName01032022
  • For rescheduling above inbound request to March 3, new ASN Consignment No. would be: RI1-BND-VAS-BrandName01032022 – and select new delivery date of March 3 on the ‘Consignment Date’ portion of the ASN upload.


All inbound requests uploaded to the LOCAD Dashboard before 11am will be processed and either approved or rejected by 3pm the same day (Monday to Friday only).

Below is the notice period required for approval, however, from time to time we may not have capacity to accept your desired delivery date. For large shipments, we recommend submitting your request at least 7 days ahead of your proposed delivery date.

*Holidays and weekends not included. Value added services and inbounds not following our guidelines will increase the time from delivery to inbounded.

When an inbound request is rejected, our team will reach out to you and let you know the next available date so you can resubmit your request.

When your inbound shipment is delivered to our warehouse, it MUST be accompanied by a physical copy of the signed Delivery Manifest that matches the approved inbound request. If there is no signed Delivery Manifest or there is no approved inbound request, the shipment will be rejected by the warehouse team.


To ensure our warehouse can inbound your inventory, all products must follow the below guidelines:

1. UPC / SKU information (indicated on each product) need to be accurately inputted in the ASN to avoid any discrepancies

2. There should not be 2 or more SKUs with the same UPC/SKU barcode on the actual items

3. All products should have identification labels based on the agreed inventory unit of measure unless value added service on the labeling was agreed prior

4. All products should be placed inside packaging materials (i.e. plastic pouch, box, etc), unless products are part of a value added service (bundling) agreed prior.

5. Product details and labels should be visible from the outer packaging to ensure easy sorting.

6. For multiple SKUs nested  inside a bigger box, all SKU barcodes must be visible on the outermost box.


To ensure our warehouse can receive and inbound your inventory, all shipments must follow the below guidelines:

1. A signed physical copy of the delivery manifest must be included with the shipment so our inbound team can sign off upon receipt. 

2. For shipments consisting of multiple boxes, each box must be clearly labeled with a unique box number that is also reflected in the Delivery Manifest. Placement of labels must be on the upper / easily viewable side. If possible, please include SKU/s and quantities.

Ex: Box 1 : SKUCODE001 - 20 

                  SKUCODE002 - 10

3. Each box should contain a single SKU, however, if a box contains multiple SKUs (i.e. a SKU has leftover pieces that didn’t fit into the box/es assigned to it, so it had to be mixed in with another SKU’s box), ensure unique SKUs are grouped together for quicker sorting and counting.

4. If a SKU requires multiple boxes, please specify the quantity per box on the Delivery Manifest by having one row per box number for that SKU.

5. For shipments that require multiple vehicles, each vehicle should only contain one (1) Delivery Manifest and one (1) Advance Shipping Notice (ASN). Quantities inside each truck should be exclusive to the ASN and attached Delivery Manifest of that truck only.