SKUs or Stock Keeping Unit refers to the unique identifier of each product. Before a brand can inbound or send inventory to LOCAD, it is a must to create and enroll your product SKUs on the LOCAD dashboard.

To create SKU, login to the LOCAD Control Tower and on the left hand column, click “Inbound“ then “New Inbound Request”.

Select the header 'Create New SKUs'. Click 'Download Sample Template' to download a copy of the SKU Creation Template which you will use when creating new products on the LOCAD Dashboard. This is required for any new products you will be creating in your web stores. You will NOT be able to lodge an inbound request for SKUs that do not exist under Inventory Products.

The Template will advise you which fields are mandatory and which are optional. It is important to note that you cannot use the same SKU or MFUPC (barcode) across multiple items. Insured Value is the cost value (NOT sale price) of the item.

Add the relevant information to the template and remove the last row that says required/optional. It is important that all other cells on this excel sheet are left blank otherwise it will not be uploaded successfully. You can also use this same template file for future uploads so you do not need to keep downloading it.

When you save the file, ensure the Filename does not contain spaces or special characters. Leave the file type as is and save as Excel Workbook (.xsls). Once successfully saved, go back to the “Create New SKUs” tab and drop the saved template and click ‘Submit’.

Uploaded SKU Creation files will show under the SKU Uploads section of the Inbound Requests page.

a. If the upload is successful, the status will show SUCCESS.

b. If the upload was unsuccessful, the status will show FAILED. An error file will be available by clicking on the download icon under the Error File column. Open the downloaded file to check the reason for the error.

c. You can open the original file, amend the error, save and then upload again. Any upload that contains an error will prevent ALL the remaining SKUs from being created.