Once you have successfully booked and selected the carrier for each shipment, you have the option to view them on the ‘Pending Pick up module. At this point, you can also cancel the pickup and carrier booking or print waybills to be attached to the parcel.

An important reminder is that, once you have downloaded the airway bill from the dashboard, you will no longer be able to cancel the pick up anymore.

You can easily search order numbers by clicking on the magnifying glass and searching for a name or order number, you can also filter the view based on carrier, location, shipping type, etc. as well as export the data for reporting purposes. 

To view more details for a specific shipment, you can click on the order number and you will be redirected to the shipment order details page as shown below:

In this page you will see the shipment and carrier details as well as the delivery and pick up address for a specific order.

You may also click on the buttons below for the following:

  • Waybill Document button - to download the airway bill that needs to be attached to the parcels