Once you receive an order thru your Shopify/Woocommerce store or manually created a shipment, you will then be able to select and confirm the carrier for each shipment in the Book Shipment submenu. 

By default, the system will automatically suggest the cheapest carrier available based on the size and weight of the parcel and location of the delivery address. Some carriers might not be available for all shipments as it depends on the pick up address, delivery address, COD, dimweight, and shipment type to filter out carriers.

Note: Users can override the carrier selection and choose from any carrier available.

Once you click the carrier selection button, a pop up will appear showing the different carriers available with the packaging sizes to choose from as well as the pick up date selection. The thumbs up icon beside the carrier and parcel size are ‘system recommended’ based on the shipment details provided. Although users may override the recommended carrier and parcel size.

Just an important note that the actual charged amount will be based on actual weight and dimensions measured by the carrier, not by what the user chooses.

There are also size guides when the users hover over the tooltip (especially for say, Lalamove, when vehicle type matters a lot). You can also hover the 'i' icon to see the breakdown of prices for each carrier and parcel size.

There are two shipping options to choose from: Standard and Express. Standard are carriers like NJV, LBC, J&T, etc. while Express is usually shipping through Lalamove. 

Once the shipping type and packaging size is selected, you will then be able to choose the pick up date for standard shipping and “On demand” for lalamove wherein the carrier will come as soon as a rider is assigned.

Select confirm to save the shipping type, packaging size and pick up date selected.