Brands have the option to invite users for their dashboard account. This would be useful if you have several team members that needs to access the locad dashboard. 

To view and add users, just go to the "Account Settings" on the side bar menu and click on the "Brand Settings" tab. You will then see three main headers:

  • User Management - this is where you will see all the existing users that have access to your dashboard. You can either view, edit or delete users on this part.
  • Invite Users - this is where you can add the email address of new users to be added to your dashboard. 
  • Pending Invites - this is where you will see all the users invited and currently waiting to accept the invite. Please note that invitation expires 30 days from the invite date. You can also resend and cancel invite in this part of the dashboard.

How to Invite New User

To add and invite new user, just input the email address under Invite users and select their role on the drop down option:

  • The Brand_Admin role can invite, edit, and delete users in the User Management Section
  • The Brand_Analyst role will ONLY see the users in the User Management section

Once done, you will see the information on the pending invites and invitee will receive an email confirmation to accept the invite as shown below:

Users must click the link to accept. They will be redirected to a sign-up page.

They may choose to "Continue with Google", or use an email & password to Sign up.

An email with a 6 digit verification code will be sent to their email address. This code needs to be entered on the next screen.