Shipping Only brands can create their own shipments manually using the Add Single Shipment or by excel file upload for bulk shipments features.

How to create your pick up location

To create a pick up location, go to the “Pickup Locations” on the sidebar menu and select the “Create Pickup Location” button on the upper right corner of the screen.

You have to enter the Pickup Location Name, Complete Address, Contact Name and Number and click Submit to save. You also have the option to make a specific address as your default pick up location which means that it's the first location that is selected when creating a shipment. Just an additional note that the latest default location will always override the last one.

Once submitted, you will be able to view all the pick up locations created.

Once you click the pick up location, you will also see all the approved carriers for the location. These carriers are automatically approved based on the first mile coverage.

When creating a pickup location, the default Shipping Profile will be assigned. Shipping Profiles are used to specify your carrier allocation preferences. Click on Manage Profiles if you want to modify this.