Brands that has Fulfillment +  Shipping Dashboard will have the option to view the orders in the Manage order module. In this page, brands can see all information by order level and details can be toggled and filtered out by date and marketplace.

At one glance, all important details are visible such as 

  • Order number
  • Order Reference Number
  • Customer Name
  • Marketplace - order from which marketplace 
  • Fulfilled by - this is crucial as this will indicate it order was fulfilled by Locad or by the brand (if shipping option is being used)
  • Items - number of SKUs included in the order
  • Marketplace Status 
  • Warehouse Status
  • Last Mile Status 
  • Total Price - total cost of goods
  • Shipment Type - Standard or Express Shipping
  • Payment Method

Brands can also click on the order number to view more details like order history, delivery address, billing address, order details with specific SKUs and quantity.

If you go back to the manage order module, you will also see the icons on the upper right corner of the screen. The magnifying glass icon is used to search specific order, tracking number or customer name, next to it is the download CSV button for all orders, next is the printer icon if you wish to print the order details, next is the column icon where you can check and choose which details would you like to add on the order details, the inverted triangle icon is used for the filter table to only show specific order data while the last two icons are for exporting the order details.