Once you are done creating the SKU and product is already available on the inventory products tab, you then be able to proceed and upload your Inbound Request ASN (Advance Shipping Notice).

To start off, select "Inbound Request" on the left side if the screen and click the "New Inbound Request" button on the upper right corner of the screen. 

Select the header “New Inbound ASN” and click “Download Sample Template”. This will download a copy of the ASN Upload template to use when requesting an ASN to be uploaded on the LOCAD Dashboard.

The Template only requires you to enter the SKU code of the item you will be shipping and the quantity of each item we should be expecting in a single shipment. It is important that all other cells on this excel sheet are left blank otherwise it will not be uploaded successfully. You can also use this same template file for future uploads so you do not need to keep downloading it.

Save the file as an Excel Workbook and ensure the Filename does not contain spaces or special characters.

On the ‘New Inbound ASN” tab, you can drop the saved template in the drag and drop section, fill out the required fields and click submit.

a. Consignment Number - Please refer to the naming convention on page 9.

b. From address - The address the shipment is being sent from.

c. Consignment date - The date you would like to have the stock delivered to our

warehouse. Please refer to the guidelines later in this document for choosing your

delivery date.

d. Warehouse - This will only allow you to select the warehouse your inventory is stored at.

Uploaded Inbound (ASN) Requests will show under the ASN Uploads section of the Inbound Requests page.

a. If the upload is successful, the status will show SUCCESS.

b. If the upload was unsuccessful, the status will show FAILED. An error file will be available by clicking on the download icon under the Error File column. Open the downloaded file to check the reason for the error.

Open the original file, amend the error, save, and then upload again.