Brands have an option to integrate with the Locad shipping system wherein every time they receive an order thru their Shopify or Woocommerce store, the orders will automatically flow in the LOCAD dashboard. Users do not have to manually create the shipment as orders will automatically populate in the ‘Book Shipments’ tab.

You also have an access to quick overview and data summary for your Sales and Order based on the pulled orders from your marketplaces.

Sales Overview

Sales Overview allows you to view the summary of how many items have been sold, total revenue that can be grouped by monthly, weekly and daily.

Orders Dashboard

Order dashboard allows you to view the number of orders in each status (Onhold, New, Cancelled, Completed, Unpaid). You may click on the statuses to see what specific orders are included in each status. There is also a view to see a summary of orders that can be grouped by Monthly, Yearly or Daily.